7 Years

We celebrated our seven year anniversary today.  We just spent the day together – exactly like we prefer to be all the time.  We talked today about how we really won’t mind being homebodies when Olive gets here because we already are!  There really isn’t anything we’d rather do than to have a cup of coffee together in the morning, go to the bookstore, run errands and probably also cook together.  So when Olive gets here, there will just be a new person who is our favorite person to do all those things with.  That lessens the scariness of disrupting our little world.

We bought a few things for her room today and spent most of Saturday setting things up.  We moved some furniture around and made room for the crib and changing table.  Today we bought more drawers for the closet and will soon begin to organize the boxes of clothes that our friend, Ashley, has already brought to our house from her two girls!  Sometimes we both feel so overwhelmed – we really can’t imagine our lives changing 100% in just one day.  When we were holding Cali and Alex’s baby on Saturday morning, it both hit us that we’d be holding our own little life-changer in just 9 short weeks.  It’s impossible to fathom.  I just keep praying that she will be healthy and “normal” and full of happiness and that she’ll be a good baby and that we’ll be good parents.

Tonight we also shared a meal at Las Brisas, a nice steakhouse outside of town, and then laughed and cried (both of us!) at this video while sitting in our car in the Target parking lot:

Matt wants to set up some sort of email for Olive so that he can write her letters and I adore that idea.  How lucky she will be to have a father who is so interested in her and loves her so much.  How lucky I am to have that kind of husband.

We spent the rest of our evening scrap-booking about our trip to France (finally got it done!), eating chocolate chip cookies and just being together.  Every day is exactly how I want it if Matt is here with me.  Soon there will be more love to share.



One response to “7 Years

  1. This is going to be a wonderful historical record! The Chronicles of Olive! So much more complete than a baby book. I’m glad you are doing this.

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