Olive what?

We’re having trouble thinking of the perfect middle name to go with Olive.  Olive  is perfect and a middle name somehow makes it less perfect (with our current contenders.)  Matt’s even gone as far as to suggest going the Harry S. Truman route and having just an initial be her middle name.  (not really, but kinda)

Current contenders:

Allison (this used to be the front runner but now I’m starting to fall out of love)

aaaaaand that’s it.  Noel has been thrown out there – I kinda like it, although I think something more common would be fitting for such a unique first name.   Ruth was such an impressive woman in the Bible.  So strong willed and sure of herself and of her God.  Allison would honor Matt’s great grandpa, Allison Cummings and my niece, Kari Alyson, who was the first grandchild in our immediate family (and kind of everyone’s favorite gal.)



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